I am 39, I was born in Paris in 1980. My father is Italien and my mother is French. I grew yp in the capital and most of the time, I spend my holidays in Sicily with my father. In 1995, we moved to Avignon. That is when it started, with an old camera which was here, in the house. I did not hesitate to use it to take some pictures and since then, I certainly cannot leave it.

When I discovered photography, I liked it immediately. It is this magical thing that it makes appear that pushed me to jump in the photographic adventure. Self-taught, I dedicated myself to reportage and studio photography. I used a film SLR, but I changed for digital and I also use one of the most popular softwares concerning photo editing. It is, of course, Photoshop. My first pictures were not masterpieces yet, but being a photography lover, I try to improve myself day after day. With technological progress, available material for photography are more and more modern and sophisticated and my clich├ęs evolve at the same time.

I am starting to take a serious interest in the great names if photography like Robert Doisneau, Brassai and Kalischer. Guided by this unconditional love for photography, I decided to walk down the streets of several towns to take good pictures, practicing street photography. Then, with characters, decor and costumes, I do the staging. Currently, I have my own studio and I am supported by a professionnal team. Among my collaborators, there are makeup artists, hairdressers, designers, but also stylists who are at your service in order to make your photo session even more pleasant.

I am a self-taught wedding photographer. More than a job, it is a true passion.

Since 2011, I am dedicated to reportage wedding photography.

My philosophy

Natural pictures

In short : I have no involvement, I only observe. More precisely, I erase myself so that you get used to my presence (or the opposite), so that you can forget it !

There plenty of ways to tell a story with pictures. I chose the discreet and naturel one. I observe and when all the ingredients are there, the good shot comes at the right moment.

Bridegrooms and guests quickly forget my presence. You know, when all the people that you love are here for you and when the bride walks to the church, be sure that I am the last person she thinks of !

Usually, few people like photos of themselves. But I truly believe in the natural beauty of people. It is the day of your wedding, it makes you even more beautiful. You ask me to take nice pictures and I love it ! Your happiness and your love will illuminate your pictures.

Write me

I offer you to meet me. This meeting is without engagement. Don’t worry, it only serves a first approach. You could tell me your wishes. I could show you my work and my philosophy, but also the different options I propose.

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