Wedding photographer : Ceremony pictures

Your wedding ceremony is probably the most important moment to photograph. This day will forever remain engraved on your memory. My mission : that your wedding remains forever engraved on glossy paper.

No matter the type of the ceremony, religious, civil or secular, the emotion is always there, it is the main stage of your wedding. The time to say “I do” is the highest point, it is at that moment that you will be introduced to the world as husband and wife.

All these moments are important to capture : the bride walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss. Of course, the ceremony involves some joy while being solemn. So I applied myself to capture the smiles, the moments of excitement, tears of joy, to keep the most beautiful memories of this special day.

Because your ceremony is a special moment, the moment when you stand right in front of your family and your friends to pronounce your vows. I will steal these moments for you to keep them forever, always with discretion for a pleaseant experience for all. I photograph the natural course of your day, which creates a story all in spontaneity.

To photograph a civil wedding

The photo report of a wedding at the city hall is an important moment not to be missed. Usually shorter than a wedding at church, it lasts fifteen minutes, the photographer should be on the alert not to miss anything. Generally I do not need to come first to locate the scene to realize the size of the room and choose the best locations.

For a civil ceremony, I intend to photograph the entrance of the spouses with their relatives, the room and assistance, the exchange of consent and alliances, signing records by the spouses and the witnesses and the leaving of the city hall.

All these steps are important, but again, if you have special requests to this moment, we can talk before the day of the ceremony.

Religious or secular ceremony

A ceremony is very emotional, to swear loyalty to God or TO the guests, is obviously highly symbolic. More than any other place, the church possess some mystical and solemn atmosphere for spectacular photos.

To ensure a unique effect under the best conditions, I easily adapt to the environment, so I do not need to visit the church before the big day for appropriating the premises. I want to know, before, the program of your ceremony. This is an important step to evolve with confidence and discretion during the wedding. It may also have certain queries or limits, for example flash or places accessible to the photographer.

For you, I intend to photograph the entry of spouses in the church, the exchange of consent and alliances, the signing of the register by the spouses and the witnesses and the leaving of the church. Of course I’m listening for any other request, we can discuss before the wedding.