Inspiration of wedding decoration “Boho style” in Camargue

Give a chic bohemian side to your wedding decoration by associating it with the landscape

For this editorial shoot, the main source of inspiration was this magnificent setting that Lorenzo proposed. A desert universe, a landscape as far as the eye can see, warm and luminous colors. Romain (Atelier blanc) wanted to reveal the singular and wild nature of this protected nature reserve.

The priority was therefore not to alter the soul of this place. For this, we only used natural materials, neutral and soft tones. We wanted to give meaning to the decoration, create a unique atmosphere and reinforce the idea that this landscape had this strong identity of freedom and bohemian life. The photos are marked by the character and identity of the place that accentuate the “bohemian” atmosphere and highlight the feeling of freedom. For the choice of style, we were inspired by what this reserve could offer us. The colors of the decoration are in harmony with those of the landscape, and that is exactly what we wanted to achieve: a mix of different colors that blend perfectly.

Once there, we immediately noticed the very special light, which is what makes the place so special. Our goal and challenge was to respect the uniqueness of the place: it has so much to offer that we wanted to transpose this atmosphere on our photos.

For table decoration, dare the combination of materials and the mix of styles:

The decorative elements adapt perfectly to the landscape. We used natural materials such as wood, flowers, stones, glass … It is a refined style that seems simple enough but is actually unique and elaborate. A wooden table with metal legs, white plates, a floral decoration and cutlery in gold color. For flowers, there are coins of the pope, artichokes, Azurea eucalyptus leaves, dusters, roses …

The menus were arranged in the plates and surrounded by a string of linen all decorated with a small wooden spoon. In order to preserve the authentic and vintage side, small terracotta decoration items (stoneware) have been added to the table such as glasses, saucers or a bottle. Roman also added small limestone stones of different sizes. Finally, there are also gold and wooden candlesticks, lace candles and a golden pitcher. Some bouquets of flowers are placed in jars orange style flea market. As a seat, we chose wooden and metal benches in the same spirit as the table.

Bohemian and chic outfits:

We have chosen to work with very light pastel colors that suggest a special atmosphere and that are integrated with the wild and natural setting of this reserve. We had the same vision for both models. They wear pastel clothes, and more precisely very simple dresses. One is cream with lace and the other is pink. The colors blend perfectly.

Again, we wanted to play with the natural elements, and we used each of them to improve this wild and bohemian atmosphere. The outfits are signed Martine Toledano. They are fluid (with a more worked dress), they move with the wind. One of the girls wears a very beautiful crown of pastel and wild flowers, the other has a huge bouquet of flowers in her hands: the tone is fixed.

Stationery: Save the date, announcement, table name, menu and brand-places …

Graphikart has made beautiful supports. A handwritten typography, recycled papers and patinated with ink effects (old paper type).

RĂ©alisation :

Vendor list:

Designer : Atelier Blanc / Flowers : Josephine fleuriste / Dess : Martine Toledano / Make up & hair : Daniel Chavey / Papers : Graphikkart / Silk : Orchidee de soie.