Wedding photographe : USB key

style=”text-align: justify;”>A digital support for your wedding photos

In addition to your paper photos, whether in single prints, on a Queensberry album or high-end photo book, we provide you with a USB stick containing your pictures.

Storing a largest number of images

Digital media is better than all a great storage space for your photos. Thanks to the USB key you can keep more photos than you keep with a paper format. The number of photos that will be contained in the key is predefined when you choose your formula.

The security

A digital support is also the security regarding to the preservation of your images. This support allows you to store the shots of your wedding for many years without undergoing the degradation that can affect the paper.


The USB stick allows you to put your photos on different media. You can transfer the image files to your different computers, tablet, smartphone, on your hard disk or even on another USB stick. A single USB key is then the possibility to keep your images on multiple media.

Share your pictures with your loved ones

If you look alone, at home, your photo album without problems is sometimes more difficult outside. You are afraid to damage your paper photos by carrying them but this fear does not exist with a USB key. You can take it with you without difficulty to show your photos from a computer or even connect it directly to a television.

Print your images again

Depending on the options you choose, a number of prints or a book is included. With the USB stick, you can reprint photos whenever you want and as many times as you like.

An aesthetic key in a nice packaging

The USB key is provided with an original design and aesthetic. This nice USB key in the form of clothes peg in wood is very practical since it can be clipped everywhere. This media is delivered in a nice packaging, a small cardboard package customizable by a registration of your choice.

Wedding photo sessions

On your USB stick, find the photos from your wedding photo shoots. Memories of an unforgettable and unique moment, the photos of your wedding must be successful.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and excellent quality to achieve perfect shots. The expertise of the photographer and his experience in the immortalization of weddings give you a superb result.

For your wedding photo sessions you indicate the style you want and you communicate us your wishes and your expectations. We can plan for you a decor, a staging … The pictures can be taken outdoors or directly on the place of the wedding.