Wedding photographe : couple session

The photo session between spouses is also very important. It sets memories forever. It is the privileged moment of this day because it is intimate. Generally you are only together.

For magic to work, you need to be natural, relaxed and confident, so I direct the session, staying in the background in order to capture the emotion of your complicity and your love.

Let’s face it, stress is always present at a wedding, both for the bride and the groom. You are so immersed in the program of this day that it happens to forget the most important : to have fun and to enjoy ! This is where the photo shoot comes in. Before, during or after the wedding, these photos allow the couple to spend time together and enjoy the moment.

Shooting can be done in a location away from the reception to get away from the excitement and confusion involved in the wedding ceremony. From the point of view of the photographer, this outdoor photo shoot is nice because the couple is more peaceful, unlike wedding ceremonies where the agitation leaves less control over the shooting. If the session is done before or after the wedding, we will have more time and therefore more clichés.

What is the moment do the photo session?

For the session to take place in the best conditions and for memorable memories, the photos of the couple can be done ‘a posteriori’. This session is often called ‘Day after’ or ‘Trash the dress’.

Before the wedding

If you decide to do a photo session before the wedding (engagement session), it will be the opportunity to make you aware of being photographed, you will be better prepared on the day of the ceremony. This will also give you the opportunity to get to know me, to discover my work, which will reduce the apprehension on D-Day in front of the camera. You will get to know me not only as a photographer who will immortalize one of the most important days of your life but also as a friend, someone you can trust and with whom you will be relaxed.

During or after the wedding

For the bride and groom who want to plan their session a few days after the wedding (Day After), this allows to take more time to make better pictures because the couple is more linked after expressing their vows. Shifting this session to another day alleviates your wedding day, so you benefit even more from your entourage and alleviate your stress.

As for the location, I usually choose the places according to my inspiration and the environment of the day. In general this is obvious to me. But we can think about it together before or make the photos in a place that you can easily identify, which would have a real meaning for your couple. A place away, preferably without distraction.

But the most important remains to have fun and take time to enjoy, if you are comfortable this will feel on the photos. That is why I direct the session while staying in the background, but in a way to put you in confidence in order to capture the emotion of your complicity and your love. The photo shoot will be a good time, shared by two, you can then relax and enjoy the party.