Engagement session in Colombia: MARIA-JOSÉ AND ALESSANDRO IN SANTA MARTA

Maria-José and Alessandra entrusted me with the realization of their photo session couple in Santa Marta in Colombia, a few months before their wedding abroad in this same heavenly place. A session full of complicity and emotions with this dazzling couple.


The engagement session is a wonderful experience for all the bride and groom. For two hours, I made shots of Maria-José and Alessandro in selected places together. The photos are natural, I took the moments of complicity and emotion between the two lovers without them need to take the pose. The fiancees quickly forgot my presence and were able to enjoy a moment to two to recharge a few weeks of the big day. This pre-wedding session represents a real moment of complicity for the couple, it also allows the bride and groom to get used to the presence of their wedding photographer to be more comfortable on the day.


After a meeting in Peru, Maria-José and Alessandro traveled a lot. They have forged strong bonds through moments of happiness and pain, and it is only natural that they decided to formally unite. The wedding will take place in Colombia, birthplace of Maria-José. It is in this country, in Santa Marta, that the lovers wanted to realize their couple photo shoot. The bride and groom wear casual and chic at the same time, going perfectly with the exceptional scenery of the photo shoot. The result: clichés that give off an unparalleled naturalness, complicit smiles, lots of love and happiness. Maria-José and Alessandro are a happy couple, they are beautiful and their happiness is read on their faces.


A wedding abroad was chosen by this beautiful couple: Colombia and more specifically the bay of Santa Marta. Santa Marta is the oldest city in the country. Romantic, it is surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, paradisiacal beaches and lush vegetation. It is in the heart of these exceptional landscapes that Maria-José and Alessandro took part in a beautiful photo shoot. A commitment session in their image: Maria-José is Colombian, Alessandro Sicilian, and they have traveled a lot since the beginning of their love affair. It is a great chance for a wedding photographer to be able to perform a session in such a sumptuous place, some time before an alternative wedding that will leave exceptional memories to all the guests of the young couple.


The photos taken during the meeting with Maria-José and Alessandro, a few weeks before their wedding, reveal an intense complicity between the two beings. They remained natural; tender gestures, laughter and amorous glances were at the rendezvous. This is the beauty of an engagement session. The fiancés, forgetting the presence of the photographer, free themselves and reveal their reality: the immense happiness of being together, of preparing together what will be one of the most beautiful days of their life, of being in this country where they will be getting married soon to lay the foundations of a long and beautiful life for two and with the family. A well-rounded couple, accomplice and ready to receive all the happiness that life will offer them. This is what couples pictures have magic: they highlight the depth of lovers and the intensity of their relationship.


By marrying in Colombia, Maria-José and Alessandro chose an alternative marriage. These landscapes are synonymous with their history: Maria-José’s country of birth, Colombia is one of the many countries in South America that the couple was able to explore. This engagement session will allow them to keep unique memories of this wedding and the related preparations. The moments of happiness spent in Santa Marta,
in couple and in casual dress, were seized through this photo shoot and that represents a lot for the couple. They will not forget their complicity of the time and the paradisiacal landscapes that they met.