Engagement photo shoot in spain

Getting married abroad adds a touch of exoticism to the happiest day of your life. It is the choice of Emilie and Frédérique who decided to celebrate their union in Spain. To immortalize every moment of their life, I captured some images before D-Day, during a engagement session Cap de Creus near Cadaquès.

A wedding in Spain

Emilie and Frédérique have chosen Spain to organize their wedding. Dream decorations, a human and ambient warmth, a different culture, is the change of scenery they have chosen for this special event. Before the fateful day, they decided to remember some moments of their lives in a wonderful place. I had the honor of traveling with them to Cap de Creus to capture beautiful couple photos.


Cap de Creus is located in the north-east of Spain on the Franco-Spanish border. Very wild, this is one of the places that inspired the famous painter Salvadore Dali. Once on site, we take the daydream and imagination. As a wedding photographer, it’s the perfect place to let my ideas grow. I was able to capture beautiful images of Emilie and Frédérique bathed in a breathtaking scenery. The sea, the earth, the mineral and the greenery, all the elements are gathered for magical photos.


Timeless, the edges of the sea revive the couple’s photos. Cap de Creus is no exception. A small village between sea and mountain for a meeting simply sublime commitment. Water is omnipresent in this wonderful place. But it is also the mountain and the rocks that add a wild side to the photos of Emilie and Frédérique. It is a bit of the tip of Finistère Spanish version.


Overall, the decor chosen by our lovebirds is breathtaking. But to add a little extra to wedding and pre-wedding memories, you have to pay close attention to every detail. We can say that the Spanish tip is not left at this level. Every house in the village has its charm; worn and timeless doors, stones, fences or nearby vegetation.


To immortalize the photos before the wedding is to capture the emotions of the couple far from the effervescence of the fateful day. With Emilie and Frédérique, it is the tenderness that unites the two lovers that was particularly striking. A look, a kiss or a simple caress, these little stolen moments were forever immortalized during the engagement session.

For a wedding photographer, there is no better than a loving couple and a dream setting. During this stay in Spain, we can say that I was in heaven with them.