Séance engagement en Colombie
Engagement session in Colombia
Séance engagement en Espagne
Engagement session in Espagne
Séance engagement en Norvège
Engagement session in Norway
Séance engagement à Ramatuelle
Engagement session in Ramatuelle

The engagement session more than just a shoot

Here is a very interesting experience for your couple that I propose to live. Immortalize the last moments of happiness of your couple before your wedding. Choose the engagement photo shoot to seal the union of your couple before your wedding ceremony with original and unique photographs. Here is the opportunity to make timeless the most beautiful moments of your life during a photo shoot for 2 hours. These souvenirs can be used to illustrate your invitations and wedding invitations!

The engagement session attracts more and more brides and grooms. The goal is not only to have a great time with his half, but also to create beautiful memories before the long-awaited day. The session will allow us to get to know each other well before the wedding and thus to be more comfortable in front of and behind the goal. The photos will be able to serve you for your invitations, in your decoration of your marriage and in the guestbook. Working with a professional and passionate photographer can make this engagement session even more dazzling. If you want to make beautiful shots before your official union, it would make me a real pleasure to be your photographer.

A session everywhere in France or in the world

Browse the city, the countryside, the mountains or the sea and all the places that are important to you to capture the moment and the complicity of your couple with many images. Just the presence of your couple so that a simple park, parking, a house or a wall or a door in a street turns into a real movie set, creating the alchemy that makes the present moment magic. The choice of place will make your photos unique and natural.Let you go and unveiled your complicity, as the session you will forget my presence which will highlight your relationship.

You are here to have fun so have fun, be yourself and I will take the right picture at the right time. Through the ephemeral nature of the moment, each photo then sets the beauty and simplicity of your couple and ensures you a series of quality photographs and your image, highlighting the singularity and complicity of your couple. My goal is to bring out the happiness that prevails between the two future married. No need for fixed smiles or silly costumes, be natural, live the moment and laugh out loud!

Here are some examples of pre-wedding photo shoot

Like the couples here, browse the places that appeal to you to bring out your love and your joy of living together. Through a simple field, an old door or nature is the sense the moment captured, the framing and graphics that under my eye and that of my camera will turn the moment into a beautiful timeless photo.

The commitment session does not want to freeze the image of your couple but instead bring out all the emotion and complicity of the two future bride and groom. Depending on my inspirations and the place, I will give you my ideas to make the best use of the decor while allowing you to evolve according to your desires. Textures, colors and materials change around you according to the places and come to beautify the images. Let yourself be carried by your duo, I take care of the rest.

Some ideas for your moment

We will begin the session with some photographs that remind you of the beginning of your love story. If you met in high school, in a cafe or simply at work, we will select the location of the meeting and your outfits! Imagine that you are alone during a walk, you walk the nature. The more natural you are, the more beautiful the photos will be. I propose you a reportage session, we tell your story and that of these moments! I am very attached to spontaneous photographs.

When you put your hair in order or you laugh, whether your eyes meet or you kiss, you release something natural! Small plus, I like to propose photographs a little more original like a ballad in velib in town or a downhill skiing! Everything is possible according to the seasons and your desires.