A magic support for your memories

A work of art

Admirative, I became a natural partner of Queensberry.

The Queensberry photo album is entirely hand made in New Zealand. It is the product of craftsmanship and modern techniques.

The pages are composed of photo paper and a mat with the shape of the template. Each corner of the page has metallic protection. It is completely customizable: materials for the cover (leather, vinyl, fabric …), engraving of the first names …

This album is perfect for lovers of beautiful books.

Pictures of the wedding

Unique and exceptional day, your wedding must be immortalized by a professional photographer in order to keep the most beautiful memory. It would be a shame to keep only pictures of poor quality. The photographer can arrange a wedding photo shoot in a place chosen by the couple who will then appear alone.

The photographer can also make live shots on the day of the event, he will photograph the bride and groom and their guests but also places of ceremony, meal, party … The bride and groom can opt for one of these solutions or for both combined in order to keep memories in image.

An exceptional book in remembrance of your wedding

What better way to contain beautiful photos than an exceptional book. Much better than a classic photo book, the Queensberry Album is the most beautiful of the honeymoon albums. This high-end book offers luxurious and refined support to your wedding photos. You select images that you consider special and which will be highlighted and presented aesthetically.

Exceptional Materials for the Photo Book of a Lifetime

The Queensberry wedding album benefits from exceptional materials which give it a great resistance and durability but also an impeccable aesthetic appearance. For the cover there are noble and resistant materials such as leather, vinyl or various fabrics of high quality. The metal is also part of the materials composing the wedding photo album since metal parts protect each page at the corners.

Thanks to all these exceptional materials, your album will pass the test of time without any problem and will accompany you throughout your life.

New Zealand know-how

Coming straight from New Zealand, the Queensberry wedding album benefits from unique know-how. This album is entirely handmade thanks to a process combining craftsmanship and modern techniques.

Queensberry then prints the photos before making the cut, hand layout and pasting on the paper. All photos are handled with caution for a perfect rendering. Artisans also take care of the size of the cover in the material chosen, the binding of the pages, the installation of the metal protections, the engravings and the placement of the passe-partout on each page.

A customizable photo album

Votre album photo est entièrement personnalisable. La personnalisation débute naturellement par la sélection des photos qui seront intégrées au livre. En plus de cela, vous pouvez créer un album qui se démarque en choisissant le matériau qui composera sa couverture ou bien en le faisant graver d’une inscription ou de motifs. Pour la disposition des photos dans l’album vous pouvez nous en laisser le soin ou bien décider vous-mêmes.

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