Wedding photographe : The party photoshoot

The wedding evening in several times

The wedding evening is divided into several times. It is punctuated by the program you have planned. The party cocktail, the photos, the tossing of the bouquet, the entrance of the newlyweds in the reception room , the meal, the speeches, the wedding cake and then the dance, the photographer can be there at every stage. The evening is the moment of relaxation of this day full of emotions. Guests are ready to party.

The party cocktail

The cocktail is the moment of refreshment when all the guests are here, some will leave before the meal. It is expected by the guests, especially in summer when temperature are hot. It is the link between the ceremonies and the meal. This moment is ideal for photographing all the guests.

Families meet, friends of both spouses meet and everyone congratulates the newlyweds. The cocktail is then a mixture of laughter and tears, we can fell all the emotion and the joy of the moment, which must appear in the pictures.

As usual, I take the majority of the photos on the spot but I can also answer some requests from the families or other couples present. For successful and natural photos the photographer is as discreet as possible. It is also possible to make some group pictures at the beginning or during the aperitive.

This should not be too long to prevent the newlyweds from spending all their time on the photos. The main photos that should not be forgotten are those of the family, bridesmaid, best men, and friends. Depending on the location, it is sometimes possible to make a group photo with all guests.

The bridal bouquet, who’s next?

It is generally during the cocktail that the bride proceeds to the traditional tossing of the bouquet, so that all the single ladies are present. The bride has her back turned so that the tossing is done entirely randomly, without favoring any young lady.

Unavoidable moment, both a bit cheesy and very fun. The tossing of the bouquet gives exceptional and very funny shots. Laughs guaranteed!

And who knows? Perhaps, the one who catches it will be the next to tie the knot.

The meal

After the cocktail comes the meal. Each table is decorated with subtlety. The guests take their place while waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom. They make a shocking entrance. Everyone make a toast to the newlyweds.

The meal often sees various events taking place, especially between the courses of the meal to make the guests wait and entertain. Speeches, shows, games and movies give rise to memorable moments that must be photographed.

The wedding cake

Once the meal is over, it’s time for dessert.

The arrival of the wedding cake is also an emotional moment, it amazes young and old by its originality. It is often spectacular and it deserves to be immortalized on glossy paper. The bride and groom pose in front, while drinking a glass of champagne.

The cut by the newlyweds will also be immortalized by the photographer if they wish so.

The wedding dance

Because a wedding is a celebration but also a festive event, the meal must make way for the party. The music you have chosen for your first dance should looks like you and makes sense for your couple. It gives the “la” for the rest of the evening.

There are real moments of complicity, joy and euphoria (helping alcohol). At that moment, there is no barrier, it is one of my favorite moments. I have the opportunity to make more creative and much more crazy photos.

The funny little corner : the photobooth

In addition to the photos taken discreetly by the photographer during the evening, we can set up a photobooth. The guests are all photographed with friends, alone, with their brothers and sisters … In an original setting in trompe l’oeil for example or simply by wearing a disguise, the guests are staged in an original way.

The photos can be taken by the photographer or a camera can simply be available to the guests so that they photograph themselves

After your wedding, you will discover the pictures with fun.