Wedding photographe : Wedding prepartion

Marriage is a unique day in a lifetime. That is why I take a particular care to capture all the moments that make this day the best day ever. The wedding is composed of many moments, such as the choice of the dress or the organization of the ceremony.

What is better than a professional photographer to capture those moments ?

By photographing your life before and during the wedding, I can unleash my creativity while offering a complete panorama of the ceremony and the day through my pictures.

So I will follow each of these steps with a careful eye, in order to grasp the essence. What are these steps that punctuate your wedding and allow me to offer you the photos that you will keep throughout your life as your best memories ?


Before the wedding, preparations enable to organize the entire ceremony and all the events. From city hall to family banquet, the various aspects to prepare are numerous and require a good dose of energy ! But preparations are a unique moment, full of emotion, where the couple see their dreams come true step by step.

These intimate moments shared with the closest people, offer exceptional moments. Because, when in a lifetime do we feel such happiness in organizing an event ? All these moments are scanned by my lens : I take the strongest and most representative moments.

The seating plan, the fitting session of the wedding dress or the tasting of the different samples of the future wedding cake are all importants steps of preparations, that you will be happy to keep a souvenir of, thanks to my shots

But after the preparations, comes the big day …

D-Day and its magic moments

Finally your dream come true. If you live it fully with all your family and friends, I am here to immortalize this unique day in your life.

The first step: the preparation of the newlyweds!

The bride

The hairstyle and the dressing of the bride are emotional moments. A few hours before the big ceremony, women are busy around the lucky one to make her beautiful … and to reassure her! As for me, I gravitate around the bride to enter different moments.

The bride’s preparation takes time and allows me to realize many photos, capturing moments of joy, apprehension and sharing. I also like to photograph the symbols of marriage: the wedding dress, the shoes, the bouquet … Being present in this intimate setting, I will allow you to get used to being photographed, while crystallizing on the film your happiness, just few hours before the great « I do ! »

Makeup, do the hair, get dressed to amaze her future husband is a moment of exchange, cheerful. I can join you at your home or at your hairdresser for example. I also like to photograph the dress, shoes, jewelry, your bouquet … Let me surprise you!

The groom

If the program and the distance with the bride allow it, the preparation of the groom can also be photographed.

If the groom’s preparation takes less time than the preparation of his future wife, it is equally important! At the hairdresser or at breakfast, capture the smile and the look of the groom about to ask for her hand.

You are ready, go for the celebration!